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About Schildr

Since 2007, Schildr has been offering outdoor solutions worldwide through partner distributors. At SCHILDR we stand out with quality, design, and functionality and offer our customers great outdoor service. With the latest technological innovations and a team of experts in their fields, we offer a wide customer experience from all production processes to distribution. SCHILDR’s primary goal is to provide consumers with better quality products and services, making them as accessible and affordable as possible. We offer all kinds of modern shading and protection systems that can be easily installed in backyards, terraces, balconies, and rooftops. We are recognized in the local market as a reliable partner offering state-of-the-art systems in line with the latest innovations and technologies. Our product range is known to be highly quality-oriented, diverse, high quality, and at the same time affordable. Our collaboration with world-renowned brands allows us to implement the latest technological innovations on the market.

Schildr has been providing comfortable outdoor solutions for people all over the world for more than 16 years. Enjoy the privilege of being a solution partner with Schildr, which continues its projects through dealers and distributors! In order to ensure that the projects are delivered on the delivery date, we take all precautions in our production plan against any disruptions that may occur and try not to compromise on disruptions. Since we know that the delivery date is of vital importance for the satisfaction of our customers, all our production policies are based on this.

The natural consequence of being a global company is a creative team. Since our employees have different cultures, they are creative individuals who can come up with innovative ideas and receive information from different sources. When we consider creativity from another perspective, as an organization engaged in R&D, we grow and develop through innovation for both our company and our country. Our goal is to maintain our international presence with our quality projects in the sector we serve. In line with this goal, each and every one of our employees is dedicated to this business, successfully representing our company in Turkey and abroad, and experienced and specialized in their fields.

One of the most important things that distinguish us from our competitors is the project management we carry out in sharp detail. Therefore, thanks to our more accurate project management with minimal margin for error, we become more affordable for our customers than our competitors.

We have a team that is aware that customer satisfaction is essential for success. Our path to future success lies in planning how we can satisfy our customers.

With 200 employees in 5 countries, Schildr’s employees are the company’s greatest asset. Schildr is a company with a wide range of career opportunities for new graduates, senior leaders, and professionals. In order to sustain their career development, motivation, and loyalty, the organization has created a dynamic and reliable corporate culture that constantly renews itself. The basis of this corporate culture is to create a healthy and safe work environment where everyone wants to work. Wherever they are in the world, our employees know that Schildr provides them with a safe working environment where they can thrive. So, even though they are in different locations around the world, they are always working in collaboration with each other to provide the best service.

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