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Fireplace Installation

Fireplace & Outdoor Living Benefits For Homeowners

We Have The Largest Selection In The Area

We have over 30 brands to choose from. Our commitment is to always have the “best in class” available for any project.

25+ Years In Business

Custom Installations In All Styles

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A room with a new fireplace installation in Long Island, NY

Frequently Asked Questions For Homeowners

What can I do to make my wood burning fireplace produce more heat?

You’ll get the most heat output by installing an air-tight wood burning insert. We have models capable of heating up to 2000 square feet. Other options include installing a grate heater, which is a wood grate that has a blower built into it, or we can also show you a product called the Heat Champion, which incorporates a grate heater type system with a custom sized premium fireplace door. It doesn’t give the same performance as an airtight unit but it provides a bigger, cleaner view while still pumping up the heat.

Can I burn DuraFlame or other artificial fire logs in my stove or fireplace?

The best answer is yes, but not a lot. They are made of a combination of sawdust and other waste wood combined with other types of cellulose and waxes. They do not produce a lot of heat per pound and they are expensive as compared to regular seasoned hardwood. If your stove or fireplace is equipped with a catalytic combustor, you should not use them at all.

The pilot light on my gas fireplace produces a lot of heat. Can it be adjusted? Can I shut it off in the summer months?

It’s not advisable to adjust the flame of a pilot light. These are typically factory set and if you attempt to reduce the flame size, it can cause operational problems. It will most likely also void any warranties and may in fact be illegal. You can shut the pilot light off during the months the fireplace is not in use. Bear in mind, though, that if a piloted system sits for a long period of time unlit, you might have difficulty relighting it. Spiders are attracted by the smell of mercaptan, a compound that energy companies add to gas. When the pilot light is turned off, spiders often spin webs inside the gas lines because they are attracted to the smell. If a spider builds a web inside a fuel line, it can clog the pilot system.

My new gas fireplace smells terrible when I turn it on. What is causing that and what can I do?

Manufacturers use a wide variety of paints, oils, adhesives, and lubricants when building these units. You are most likely smelling those materials burning off. All new gas fireplaces have some amount of “curing“ time required. This can vary from unit to unit. Each manufacturer will stipulate slightly different curing times and techniques, but the bottom line is that your unit must be burned for a long uninterrupted period to eliminate these smells. Read the manual for your fireplace, and keep in mind that if the manual says 6 hours are needed, that does not mean you can achieve the same results with 2 three-hour burns.

Can I put a TV above my fireplace?

Yes, if you take the proper steps to assure the TV is protected from the heat produced by the fireplace. The first thing to do is thoroughly read the installation instructions for your fireplace. Make sure you follow all the required clearances. There are a few approaches that can be taken, depending on the specific unit you’re installing. We can definitely help you to decide what the best solution is for you.

Are you ready for your fireplace or outdoor living project for your home?